Premature EjaculationWomen usually hate to wait for someone, because they are used to be waited upon by their lovers, husbands or boyfriends. Well, these same women who hate waiting for men to come and meet them, while on a date will bring the heavens down if they find their men ejaculating too soon. It is much easier to shirk off the responsibility and say that women are so complex and contradicting, rather than do something about your premature ejaculation, isn’t it?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is certainly one of the most troubling issues in any couple’s sex life. Though it is technically a problem affecting the men, yet the effects are reflected on to their partners, as they are usually left unsatisfied during the sexual encounter.


Strange Facts about Premature Ejaculation

If you thought that premature ejaculation (PE) was something that concerned elderly males, then you are totally wrong.

Younger and middle aged males face this problem more and the strangest thing is that, this is probably the only sexual problem that tends to improve with age. Now you know why the oldies are smiling their way to bed.


How Early is Too Early?

This is one question that plagues the minds of many men, while in bed.

  • Before complaining that you have early ejaculation, as your love making session could only last for 20 minutes; try to get your facts correct.
  • The average duration for a normal and healthy male is around 7.3 minutes, so if you really did last for 20 minutes then you certainly are a rock star (no pun intended).
  • The average duration for a male suffering from PE is 1.8 minutes.
  • Well, if you can last up to 1.8 minutes and are still feeling lost, there are men who cum within 90 seconds or worse still, cum even before managing to complete the intromission in to the vagina.


How to Recognize PE?

Despite the fact that the duration of the sexual act may vary from one man to another, it is the timing of the ejaculation which may help in the recognition of PE. If the ejaculation occurs before either of the partners are satisfied, it could be called as premature or early ejaculation.


What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

The answers to this query are numerous, and many of them actually hold the solutions to overcoming your nagging problem. The most common causes of premature or early ejaculation are listed here:

  • You may have your family history or your hereditary genes as the culprit.
  • You may have been preconditioned in to ejaculating quickly. Now why would any man precondition himself to cum quickly? Well, preconditioning is almost always done subconsciously and the most common cause is having quickies with your partner in situations where you wanted to finish it quick before getting caught or exposed. The memory of the urgency to cum remains rooted in the subconscious and later on tries to come to the fore, while you have sex with your partner and there is no special need to rush or get the job done quickly.
  • Having a nervous or jittery disposition is not going to help you in any way, especially when it comes to making love. The worst part about anxiety is that it tends to form an irreversible cycle. More anxious you are regarding the early cumming and the resultant outcome of the love making session, worser is the situation. You worry-you cum quickly-you worry more-you cum more quickly-you now worry so much that you do not want to make love again for the fear of cumming soon.
  • Too much of sensitivity of the external sex organs and the genital area can also be a troublesome factor leading to early ejaculation. Sensitivity of the sex organs is such a delicate issue- you have too much sensitivity and you land up with an early ejaculation; you have reduced or no sensitivity and you land up with an even more serious problem of erectile dysfunction. A classic case of being trapped between the Devil and the Dark Sea, isn’t it?


Some Simple Tips to Deal with PE

The ejaculation is controlled by the pelvic muscles, which in turn are controlled by the nerves in the area and finally by the Brain. Certain exercises for premature ejaculation have been recommended to deal with it.

  • Kegel exercises are simple exercises which can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles considerably and add tone to them, and hence can be used to control PE.
  • Learning to control the ejaculation with the stop start technique is seen to benefit many men. As the name suggests, this technique involves stopping the sexual act immediately before the point of ejaculation and restarting the act after gaining control. Regular use of these simple tips can improve the PE in the majority of the cases.

PE is not an irreversible or incurable problem. Regular employment of these simple tips, listed here can improve the PE in the majority of the cases.

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