6 Ancient Herbs that Help Increasing Female Libido

IFL2 - Revive her sex driveThe sexual response in humans is quite complex, and many a times there could be problems related to libido and sexual desire. Women are naturally shy about all matters related to sex, and thus any libido issues faced by them are usually kept secret, making the problems worse. This article is all about natural herbs that can help in increasing female libido.

Black Cohosh

The dynamic constituents within the roots of black cohosh are its triterpene glycosides, isoflavones and aromatic acids.

Black Cohosh is a perennial plant, and is found growing easily all over the United States.

This herb is almost created by Nature as the woman’s friend, because in addition to increasing female libido, it can also help to reduce the hot flushes in menopausal-age women.

It has been proved to increase the sexual desire, and give excellent tone to the Uterus and the vagina, making it more capable of imparting heightened sexual pleasure.

It has also been used as a natural remedy against Osteoporosis too, which makes it the ultimate choice amongst the natural herbs increasing female libido.

Chaste Tree Berry

This is another excellent herb which is useful in increasing female libido.

It has also been used to treat any inflammation and swelling of the female genital tract.

Chaste Tree Berry also relieves the bloatedness, experienced during premenstrual syndrome and menopause.


This is one of the most ancient of the herbs which has been used for increasing female libido.

The Mexicans have long utilised this amazing herb as a natural aphrodisiac.

They boil the leaves along with sugar, and drink it as a tea. Sometimes they also use it as incense too, for the same purpose.

Damiana has also been proved to be highly advantageous in alleviating headaches, melancholy and constipation.

It has also been used to enhance the clarity of thought.

Red Clover

Red clover comprises of certain isoflavones, which are a type of phytoestrogens and are basically analogous to oestrogens.

Due to the hormonal similarity, it has been utilized widely for increasing libido, in those women who are suffering from some hormonal disturbances.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been widely used all over Asia since the ancient ages.

It has proved its value as a potent aphrodisiac and also for curing a hoard of other sexual problems.

In addition to increasing female libido, it has also been useful to cure infertility in both males and females.


The ethnic folks of Central and South America have made use of Sarsaparilla since olden times, as a sexual tonic.

It has the power to increase the sexual stamina in both sexes.

It can also regulate the hormonal production in females, and thus helps in increasing libido.

It has also been employed for cleansing the blood of toxins and to boost the metabolic activity.

The saponins and plant sterols in Sarsaparilla have been found to be analogous to certain hormones found in the human body.

Using natural herbs to cure a weak libido is more agreeable to most of the general population, since it is the safest option. Using chemical supplements and medications may have uncertain side effects, and hence are not much advisable.