Premature Ejaculation Techniques: Simple but Guaranteed to Work

PE2 - Prolong the sexualHaving to go through the suffering and humiliation of premature ejaculation is not at all easy for men. Despite this fact, it is essential for men to know that they need not endure this problem all throughout their sexual life. There are certain simple but effective premature ejaculation techniques meant to overcome this difficulty.

Some Simple Techniques which can Help in Better Control of PE

Premature ejaculation techniques are all aimed at gaining a better control over the time of release of the ejaculate.

#1 Stop start technique

The stop and start method is one of the most commonly used and recommended premature ejaculation techniques.

During lovemaking, there is a moment when you feel that you will have your ejaculation soon. You need to withdraw exactly at this point and halt the love making for a few seconds.

Once you feel that the urge to ejaculate is overcome, you can re-enter the vagina and continue with the process. This method can also be practiced during masturbation. Doing so will ensure that your partner does not have to experience the abrupt stop method.

#2 The Squeeze technique

This is another premature ejaculation technique aimed at getting better control over the timing of ejaculation. At the point when you feel that you will be having your ejaculation, withdraw your penis and squeeze the tip.

The squeeze should be in such a way as to close the opening of the penis. The basic aim is to withhold further stimulation until 10-30 seconds.

Once you are sure that the ejaculation has been postponed, you may restart the love making again. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part, and hence pressure on this part is effective in controlling the ejaculation.

#3 The Distraction technique

Using your mind to gain control over the timing of ejaculation may not be easy, but is definitely doable. The distraction method recommends a purposeful diversion of the mind during love making.

When the mind is taken off the actual act and focused elsewhere on a non-sexual thought, then the ejaculation gets postponed until the distraction is continued.

This premature ejaculation technique is not very easy because of the difficulty in controlling the mind.

Many men also complain that they cannot attain total pleasure from the sexual act due to the intermittent distractions.

Some More Practical Approaches to Solve PE

#1 Using condoms

Though it cannot be classified amongst the premature ejaculation techniques, yet using a condom has been proved to prolong the ejaculation to some extent.

A condom which is thicker than the regular ones can reduce the level of direct contact with the interior parts of the vagina. If a thick condom is not available, using 2 condoms one over another is also a good idea.

The condom acts as a barrier and reduces the stimulation of the tip of the penis, and thus helps in the prolongation of the ejaculation time.

#2 Change from the usual position

The missionary position is the commonly used position during sex, where the man is on top and the female partner is below him and both face each other.

Changing a bit from this usual position to bring the female partner on top is seen to bring about better results.

When the woman is on top, the degree of stimulation of the tip of the penis is a bit lesser, and this helps in prolonging the climax for the men.

An added benefit of using this position is that you can introduce a variety in your sexual act and thus add to the pleasure.

PE is all about lack of proper control over the timing of ejaculation. Assuming a proactive approach as detailed here will surely help in better control over the climax.