Astounding Facts about Giving Stronger Orgasm to Women with Minimum Effort

FO1- Incredible fingering techmiquesOrgasm is to sex, what icing is to cake; it makes the entire effort put in baking the cake seem worthwhile. But having a stronger orgasm is even better, like for instance having a cake with double layer of icing.

Can Sex End without Orgasm?

But the sad fact is that many folks, more especially women; go through multiple sexual encounters without ever having experienced an orgasm at all. Lack of an orgasm, can be attributed to a huge variety of reasons. But the commonest one is that of ignorance about sexuality and facts about how the body works.

How is Orgasm Different in Men and Women?

Orgasm in women is not as simple as in men, and involves many factors, ranging from applying the right pressure at the right spot and the right mood too. While orgasm in men is more or less a simple physical or mechanical act, it is quite the opposite in women. No wonder it is often repeated that, a woman’s most erotic area is her MIND.

Critical Facts about Female Orgasm

Despite being so important, not many are aware of the surprising fact that every woman can experience 2 types of orgasm: Clitoral and Vaginal.

That is just one of the ways in which Nature has blessed women, so all the men out there, do not get jealous!

What’s the big deal, you may ask if you are a man. An orgasm is an orgasm, what difference does it make; if it comes from the vagina or the clitoris. There is a lot of debate on which of these 2 orgasms is the stronger one, but let us leave that to the critics.

The reason why I am interested in pointing this fact out is to let you know the crucial basics before you learn about giving your woman a great orgasm. Even if you are a woman who is reading this; you will definitely benefit because you will recognize your sexuality even better and put the knowledge gained to experience stronger orgasm during masturbation or while guiding your partner during sex.

Tips for Men to Give Stronger Orgasm to a Woman

If you want to give your woman a great orgasm, then you need to focus more on the clitoral orgasm first during foreplay.

The vaginal orgasm should be saved later for the final curtain call orgasm; after intromission. This is because the woman is totally spent out of energy when she experiences a vaginal orgasm.

Do not cut out the emotional or psychological factors relating to stronger orgasm in women. So put in TIME and EFFORT at FOREPLAY.

Clitoral orgasm can be multiple and almost never ending, so you can safely continue to stimulate her clitoris, and expect her to experience stronger orgasms, each time you do so.

How to Give an Orgasm by Stimulating the Clitoris?

The stimulation can be done in any of the following ways:

Rubbing, patting or massaging the clitoris with your fingers or thumb

Pinching, rubbing or massaging the hood of the clitoris with your forefinger and thumb

Licking, sucking or nibbling at the clitoris, using your lips and tongue

Teasing or tickling the clitoris, using a soft satin or silk cloth or a fine downy feather

Applying firm and rhythmic pressure on the clitoris with the help of a vibrator

A combined method using 2 or more steps mentioned above

So this article has now educated and enlightened you on all the different tips, tricks and techniques about giving a stronger orgasm to your woman. Now you can guarantee that no woman can go through an orgasm-free sexual encounter with you.